"Guiding Clients From the Darkness of Addiction Since 1990"

Hear From one of our Success Stories: Tom D.

Comments from clients served at our Plymouth Location in 2009/2010.

“My stay at LIGHT House was a great experience for me.  I’m glad that I’m a client at the LIGHT House.”


“I would like to thank the LIGHT House for helping me change my way of living.  There’s a way of living without drugs & drinking.”


“Great program.”


“The LIGHT House did an excellent job with housing, counseling, and group sessions, any dissatisfaction about my stay is a direct result of my own. ”


“Staff was very compassionate and supportive after my relapse in the program.”


“It was a good program, I can’t think of anything.”


“My stay at the LIGHT House has been fantastic and saved my life.”


“I don’t think it could have been any better, I think God put people in places for reasons and I appreciate it.”


“Keep doing what you’re doing.  This place is great.”


“Overall great program.”


  “I would not change a thing.”


“No improvements – fine the way it is.”


“I am grateful today because I feel Light House is helping me to help myself and that’s huge.”


May the staff at PNLH continue to use their personal gifts and talents as they continue to bless, help and assist others on the road to recovery.”


Great program.  I would not change anything.”


“I believe that PNLH did as much as they possibly could for me and my well-being.  I don’t think they could have possibly done anything more to help me.”


“Women’s Short Term Residential is a great program.”


I benefited a lot and the services and counselors were wonderful.”


“It was a pleasure to be in the program.”


“Rose and Teresa have saved my life.  I love them.”


“Everything is very nice and the good of healthy improvement is noticeable and appreciated.”


“I thought LIGHT House was very helpful nothing bad to say.”


Quotes from clients served at our women's Residential Program last year:

During this fiscal year 09-10, there were 68 SEMCA (STR Clients) evaluations completed. Here are a few comments directly from our clients served:


“Learned a lot about myself and my thinking pattern”


Best Program I have ever been in”


“Really liked the program, client ratio, and accommodations”


“It couldn’t have been improved.  It already did a sufficient amount”


STR is a great program


“I wish my stay could have been longer”


“I couldn’t do anything that would improve my stay, from day one till now I have changed a lot.  The staff at STR were fantastic and made me like family while I was there.”


I don’t think it could have been any better.  I think God put people in places for reasons and I appreciate it.”


“I was very willing to listen and pick-up on anything they had to offer.  I wish I could continue my therapy at PNLH.”


“I think the people at STR are very caring and truly care about you (Donna and Carmen)”


“I’m grateful for the help that I’ve received.  Thank you STR!!!”


“I love the LIGHT House, I think all women deserve the change to make it and I thank you guys for showing me my true colors.”


I was very satisfied with STR and looking forward to IOPD”