"Guiding Clients From the Darkness of Addiction Since 1990"

PNLH Housing Units: 

Nicely furnished two-bedroom apartments are provided to clients at PNLH who meet the eligibility requirements of the program.  Apartments are provided to clients in the program who need a safe, clean living environment to facilitate their healing process.  The apartments are not licensed and no program activities occur in them.  PNLH places a maximum of 2 clients per bedroom to ensure privacy and promote a healing environment for the persons we serve.  Typically, PNLH has four clients living in a 2 bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment; treating them with dignity and respect they deserve while providing them ample room for their own personal space (belongings, decorations, etc). We found housing clients in furnished apartments is advantageous to the clients as we provide them with “positive, pictured, possible”; meaning they can afford to recreate the recovering housing environment by renting in the same (or similar) apartment complex with a recovering roommate.  Indeed, several of our clients have remained in the complex after obtaining their own apartment. 


The Apartment complexes used in our Plymouth program are located about 10-minutes from the Plymouth office.  

All of PNLH’s housing units meet zoning regulations and are inspected quarterly for any safety hazards, and meet all applicable state and local laws.  These units are inspected annually by the local fire department to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.  In addition, PNLH’s housing locations have been inspected by CARF surveyors and external safety inspectors on several different occasions and have been approved for their conformance with safety standards.  PNLH will assist clients in obtaining nutritious food to cook in the apartment units.  Clients are encouraged to cook their own meals to foster independence and self care.

Each apartment complex has  amenities including: built in pools, workout rooms, walking paths, some have pool tables in community room.  

These housing units promote a healing environment and allow clients to internalize and practice their recovery skills in a community where support for recovery is available 24 hours per day!

Here is a video, created by the apartment complex, to show you one of the apartment complexes that PNLH currently housing clients: